Better Choices in a Nutshell

What is Better  Choices?
  • An online course that teaches anyone 12 to adult a process for making better decisions.
  • An educational diversion program shown to reduce recidivism to the court system.
How does the program work?
  • A judge, a youth service officer, probation officer, DCS rep, or youth/teen court makes referrals to an online course that teaches new skills for making better choices.
  • A referral form must be downloaded from the button under “For the Courts” on the website homepage and printed as needed.
  • The referral form with all the information needed to take the class is given to the participant.
  • The participant follows directions from the referral form to get the handbook and takes a test over the material.  If the test is passed the participant prints out a personalized certificate to bring back to the court as proof of successful completion.
How much does the class cost?
  • A three month trial without obligation/cost to try out the program can be set up by sending a message of interest under “Talk to Us”.
  • If the court  decides to continue making referrals, the program can then be leased based on average monthly usage.
  • The cost of the program is customized to accommodate different size courts.   For example, if an average of 1-10 referrals are made per month, the annual fee is $1,200, thus, if the average is 10-20 participants per month the annual fee is $2,400, etc.
  • NOTE: The only administrative work to maintain the program is giving out referral forms and collecting certificates.  The Better Choices program does the rest! The benefits of putting participants on a better track for decision making for life is invaluable.